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About Dr. Gary Yaeger, D.C., QME

Dr. Yaeger graduated from National College of Chiropractic in 1993. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology from Northern Illinois University. While at Northern Illinois, he was the head student trainer for both the men’s football team and the women’s volleyball team.

Dr. Gary Yaeger

Dr. Gary Yaeger

Post Graduate Accomplishments:

  • Completed Chiropractic Orthopedic program leading to Diplomate Status
  • Numerous rehabilitation and sports medicine seminars
  • Completed Chiropractic Pediatrics certificate
  • Certified Ergonomic Instructor (University of Berkeley)
  • Qualified Medical Examiner appointed by the State of California
  • Completed the ACT’s in Nutrition Response Testing 2008
Dr. Gary Yaeger

Giving an adjustment

Dr. Yaeger has served as the team physician for the East Bay Buccaneers, a minor league football team, Brean Christian High School’s football team and the Mauraders, an East Bay Pop Warner football team.

Dr. Yaeger was a trainer at the 1988 Olympic Diving trials.

Dr. Yaeger is a featured lecturer on multiple health-related topics ranging from PMS, Body Composition, Stress Management and Children’s Health Issues.

He acts as a consultant for File View Medical, is an expert witness for malpractice and personal injury cases, and is a preferred provider to State Fund Insurance.