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Client Testimonial

I am writing to tell you that not only do I feel better during this past year and a half under your care but now my laboratory results show changes!

You and I have been working together about once a month to evaluate and regulate my endocrine system with particular attention to blood glucose level, thyroid function, and stress management. You have provided excellent guidance on dietary choices that are healthier for my digestion and overall health, and given me the supplements that must be right for me. For the first time in few years my fasting blood sugar was less than 100 !!! And, my family MD asked how I was regulating my Vitamin D so well? “Most people’s lab values come back to high or too low; yours is just right.” I explained that the dosing is regulated monthly with our muscle testing and the dosage adjusted as needed.

So, again Thank You for your knowledgeable and experienced assessment, evaluation, education, and care.

Sincerely, Kathy