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Toddler’s Face Rash Cleared Without Drugs or Creams

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toddler face rash“We came to see Dr. Yaeger because my daughter Mia’s face was consistently breaking out in a bright red rash localized around her mouth. Her face would be extremely irritated and she would scratch it until it bled. It was obviously a food allergy, so we went to Dr. Yaeger for a nutritional analysis. We heard from a friend how much he had helped their infant.


toddler face rashAfter Dr. Yaeger’s first analysis and implementation of nutritional supplements, Mia’s face has never looked better. Her cheeks are pink like a baby’s skin should be, not red and flaky and irritated. Dr. Yaeger’s Nutrition Response Testing program has made our little 9 month old a very happy camper! As you can see from the before and after photos…the results speak for themselves!”

Lauren Simpson (Mom)