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Digestive Problems

Before I came to Yaeger Chiropractic for Nutrition Response Testing with Dr. Yaeger, my digestive system was majorly affecting my life. I had to quit my job because my nausea and vomiting was so unpredictable. Working out and hanging out with friends became harder as my stomach caused pain. I was constantly feeling like I had a cold, I felt moody, and generally I felt old. The scariest part was that my symptoms were getting worse, and I didn’t know how to feel better. I had heard about Nutrition Response testing from a friend. Since it was my digestive system that was causing me the most problems, I thought it couldn’t hurt to have Dr. Yaeger take a look. At first I was overwhelmed finding out that I had so many intolerances and allergies to food. What do I eat!!?? But I decided to trust him. At first, I slowly felt better. Now, I rarely have nausea–something I had daily for over a decade! What I didn’t expect through this whole process was that my symptoms related to moodiness, menstrual pain, body aches, sickness, etc. also went away. The staff at Yaeger Chiropractic is so welcoming, understanding, supportive, happy, and responsive. I tell everyone I know to try it out, whether you have digestive issues, aches and pains, or just want your body to feel its best. Take the time to call them. You will NOT be disappointed. Good luck!