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How Chiropractors Are Categorized by Insurance Carriers « Chiropractic, Nutrition, Natural Wellness & Health in Walnut Creek
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How Chiropractors Are Categorized by Insurance Carriers

I had a patient today ask me the difference between PCP and SCP on her insurance card, besides the extra amount in the copay. PCP stands for chiropractor cartoonprimary care physician and SCP stands for specialist care physician. We as Chiropractors are now considered to be a SPECIALIST. It wasn’t long ago that Chiropractors were not being treated as real doctors. We were considered “alternative care”. In other words, if a medical doctor couldn’t help with medications then you might as well try Chiropractic care. We were lumped in with Massage Therapy as an either-or scenario. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good deep tissue massage and they have great therapeutic benefits when used properly, but massage therapists are not doctors and can not diagnosis a person’s condition.

Chiropractors have now become known as the “back specialists”. While we are, we are more then that. Chiropractors are really more specialists of the nervous system as we work on relieving the pressure on the nerves that are causing you the pain that you feel. We also work on more then just the lowback and neck. So next time you are experiencing pain in the neck, lowback or any other joint you might want to seek out a Chiropractor first instead of waiting till other things have failed.

You should also know that Chiropractors can’t fix everything like some like to believe and if it is something we shouldn’t be treating or is out of our scope of practice we will make sure to get you to the appropriate doctor.