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Dr. Gary Yaeger speaks to groups throughout the Bay Area on many holistic health topics. His background in sports training and holistic whole body approach has interested our forward-thinking community. Treating the whole body, not only the symptom help you heal faster and more permanently. He is a particularly popular speaker with woman’s groups. His natural approaches to hormonal conditions such as PMS and menopause are hot topics today (no pun intended!)

Fertility treatment is big business today for medical groups, but the cost both financially, physically and psychologically are exceptional for most families. Often, early infertility is a symptom of a deeper cause. Infertility clinics by Dr. Gary Yeager speaks about a lot more. Read this amazing story from a patient who was told by her medical doctors that pregnancy would be difficult at best. Read Stacie’s Story

Another speaking topic is natural weight loss. Now, this isn’t some gimmicky powder or pill. Dr. Gary treats the whole person. Often, if you have tried eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and still you cannot lose weight, there is most likely a systemic problem contributing to your weight gain. Watch this video testimonial from one of Dr. Gary’s patients that is still losing weight as a “side effect” to treating her migraines. Watch Monica’s Video

Most adults, but even more women suffer from sleep irregularities which often materializes as stress. Sleeping pills are not the answer. Again, they are treating the symptom not the cause. One such client didn’t even realize her sleep and stress issues were being caused by an imbalance in her adrenal system. Read Paula’s Story

If you have a group that meets regularly and needs an informative speaker, please contact Dr. Gary Yaeger. He will change the way your group thinks about health.

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