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Poor Posture Affects More Than Your Back

Not only does it look bad it also has other health factors associated with it like rounding of the shoulders which can cause a 30% decrease in breathing chiropractor walnut creekcapacity, headaches, problems with your nervous system, digestive system, hormone system and more.

According to www.NeckSolutions.com, for every inch that your head is held forward from perfect alignment, its weight on the neck increases ten pounds. That puts a lot of stress on your neck and facial muscles, which is transferred back to your head in the form of a headache or migraine as these muscles grow fatigued.  Read more:

What can cause poor posture? Injuries to the back that where never treated  or not treated properly. Sitting at the computer for hours on end (sound familiar) sitting there looking down and texting (for hours on end), lack of exercise, kids carrying to heavy of a back pack and not fitted to the properly, poor mattress or sleeping on your stomach, and the list goes on.

So what can you do about it? make sure your work station is set up properly for YOU, schedule stretch breaks when at the computer, start to exercise and strengthen the muscle in your upper back, neck and shoulders the right way. A really good website with stretches and exercises is www.straightenupamerica.org Go to a Chiropractor who can help restore the normal alignment to the spine while you are strengthening the surrounding musculature. There is even computerized programs out there like the one we use in our office called Posture Pro(tm) that allows use to measure your posture and monitor if it is getting better.