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Chiropractic « Chiropractic, Nutrition, Natural Wellness & Health in Walnut Creek
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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a natural healing art and science based on the fact that the human body has recuperative, self-healing capabilities, and that there is a correlation between skeletal structure and optimum bodily function. The interdependence of structure and function, and the relationship between the nervous system—particularly the spinal nerves—and the rest of the body is the core element of chiropractic’s approach to healing and wellness.

Chiropractic Explained

When your body was formed, a genetic blueprint was created that determined the color of your eyes and millions of other details about your body.

To control and organize your body’s growth, the nervous system, consisting of your brain, spinal cord, and all the nerves of your body were the first tissues formed. Your nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body.

Your brain is protected by the skull. The vital communication pathway of the spinal cord is vulnerable, covered by 24 moving bones of the spinal column. Pairs of nerve roots branch off the spinal cord from between each spinal joint to service the organs and tissues of your body. Because of the way your spine is designed, improper motion or position of spinal bones irritate or choke delicate nerves – interfering with the function of the tissues they control. Doctors call this subluxation.

Subluxation, the irritation or choking of nerves at the spinal joint due to misalignment, can occur from trauma to the spine at birth, or from car accidents, poor diet, long periods of sitting, and many other daily activities which cause the bones that cover your spinal joint to lose their normal position and motion.

Without a normal nerve supply, affected organs and tissues are more susceptible to disease, often producing the symptoms of pain and ill health.

So you don’t just need an adjustment “when your back hurts” or because you were in an accident. Regular adjustments can keep your entire body healthier and functioning at a higher condition. Even when not ill or in pain a monthly adjustment can make your body’s future healthier and more cooperative to your demands.

So if it has been more than 4 weeks since your last adjustment, call
(925) 947-0188 and schedule an appointment.