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Soy: Bad for your Thyroid and Sex Life! « Chiropractic, Nutrition, Natural Wellness & Health in Walnut Creek
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Soy: Bad for your Thyroid and Sex Life!

With the nutrition testing we do in the office we find a great number of people that are “sensitive” to soy. To which I will get ” I thought soy was good for me, that’s what  I heard on the TV or read in a magazine”.

Here are just a few snippets of information on Soy. For a full list of references and information you can go to www.westonaprice.org or keep tuned in to us as we will bring you more information as we go along.

Myth: Soy foods are safe and beneficial for women to use in there post menopausal years.

Truth: Soy foods can stimulate the growth of estrogen dependent tumors and cause thyroid problems. Low thyroid function is associated with difficulties in menopause.  And, for all you men out there please re read the part about Estrogen. Increase in estrogen causes a decrease in Testosterone. Just some food for thought. Along those lines…

Myth: Soy foods are good for your sex life.

Truth: Studies show soy causes infertility in animals and lowers testosterone in men. Tofu (high in soy) was consumed by Buddhist monks to reduce libido.

Myth: Liquid protein is helpful in losing weight.

Truth: Soy-based liquid protein drinks (and soy protein in general) are high in many toxins and anti-nutrients. Supplementation with liquid protein drinks predisposes to arrhythmias.* High protein diets that do not contain fats, particularly animal fats, can deplete stores of vitamin A and D and consequently interfere with mineral assimilation.

Needless to say, do not buy into all the hype and marketing regarding soy. There are large companies that are making sure you think soy is good for you. For four days, well-funded scientists who were gathered in the nation’s capital made presentations to an admiring press and to their sponsors—United Soybean Board, American Soybean Association, Monsanto, Protein Technologies International, Central Soya, Cargill Foods, Personal Products Company, SoyLife, Whitehall-Robins Healthcare and the soybean councils of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio and South Dakota at the Third International Soy Symposium.

What is that telling you?

*Genistein Inhibits the Inward Rectifying Potassium Current in Guinea Pig Ventricular Myocytes. J Biomed Sci 2002;9:321-326.